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How do I become a general practitioner?

General practice is one of the specialties you can choose after you graduate with a medical degree. In order to enter this specialty, you will first need to complete Australian General Practice Training (AGPT). (You can study this through GPTQ—have a look at the details on their website.) Unlike with other specialties, this training is completed through independent providers (rather than through the college) and is funded by the Australian government. After a combination of this postgraduate study, practical experience and assessment, you may be accepted into one of those two colleges.

What is The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP)?

Fellowship with the RACGP (FRACGP, www.racgp.org.au) allows you admission to general practice as a specialty. It is one of two standards for certifying competence to deliver unsupervised general practice services around Australia. The RACGP is responsible for establishing and maintaining the standards of general practice in Australia and achieves this through developing world-class assessments and promoting knowledge sharing. This ensures that all GPs qualified with FRACGP are at the top of their game.

Fellowship of the RACGP allows a GP to:

  • 1. Work unsupervised in general practice
  • 2. Claim Medicare rebates
  • 3. Use the post-nominal ‘FRACGP’
  • 4. Be recognised as a Fellow through RACGP’s reciprocal arrangements with New Zealand, Ireland and Canada

The RACGP administers assessment and continued professional development for fellows (actual GP training is completed through external providers such as GPTQ however).

What is the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACCRM)?

Fellowship with the ACRRM (FACRRM, www.acrrm.org.au) allows you admission to general practice as a specialty. It is one of two colleges (the other is RACGP) accredited by the Australian Medical Council for training, assessment, certification and continuing professional development for doctors in general practice.

FACRRM has a strong focus on supporting doctors and students thinking about a career in rural or remote areas. It is committed to delivering high-quality health services to rural and remote communities through all facets of its role as a certifying body.

Fellowship with ACRRM allows a GP to:

  • Receive full vocational recognition
  • Practise unsupervised anywhere in Australia
  • Use the post-nominal FACRRM